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Product Dimensions:  19 X 5CM - 460G

What is the King 19 x 5cm Black Adjustable Penis Strap??

This penis strap is made from comfortable, soft fabric with buckles for adjustment and a base to house the "Seductive" dildo that comes with the product. The new strap-on collection has come to innovate the lives of couples interested in exploring new forms of pleasure and connection in the practice of pegging, which is made especially for women who want to penetrate in the same positions as the man does, leaving their hands free to perform other caresses. Also known as strap on, it has adjustable straps for better adherence to the body and dildos made of soft and flexible polyvinyl, the famous cintaralho, make this new experiment for two a remarkable moment.

The role reversal came about with the idea that the phallus is the center of pleasure, because having the phallus is synonymous with power, but the fact is that the anus is a potentially sensitive region full of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can provide incredible pleasure.

The straps bring the experience of exploring male pleasure beyond the phallus, keeping the couple more connected and breaking down barriers and taboos towards a modern and free couple. Come and "connect" with unforgettable pleasure.

Unleash your wildest fantasies with the KING Adjustable Penis Strap with Realistic Black Penis - 19 x 5cm! This premium product is designed to elevate your intimate experiences to a whole new level. Perfect for both beginners and experienced users, this adjustable strap-on with a realistic black dildo offers versatility and unparalleled pleasure for all your intimate adventures.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the KING strap-on features a lifelike dildo with realistic details and a bold black color. The adjustable harness ensures a comfortable fit for all body types, allowing you and your partner to explore new dimensions of pleasure with ease and confidence.

Transform your intimate moments with the KING Adjustable Penis Strap and discover the ultimate satisfaction!

Key Benefits:

Realistic Design: Lifelike texture and bold black color provide an authentic experience that mimics the real thing.

Adjustable Fit: The adjustable harness ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all body types, making it perfect for everyone.

Perfect Size: The dildo measures 19 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter, delivering fulfilling sensations for both partners.

High-Quality Materials: Made from premium materials that are body-safe, durable, and easy to clean for long-lasting enjoyment.

Versatile Use: Ideal for couples looking to explore new experiences and enhance their intimate moments with thrilling strap-on play.

Don't miss out on the KING Adjustable Penis Strap with Realistic Black Penis - 19 x 5cm and take your pleasure to new heights!


How to use:

Before using the product, clean it with mild soap and water or with an erotic toy cleaner.


Wash with mild soap and water
Always wash BEFORE and AFTER use
Dry in shade
Do not expose to temperatures above 50ºC

Do not let it unattended on direct sunlight or excessive heat

Store in a cool and dry place

Product for personal use

Product for use as an erotic toy only

Pregnant women and the elderly should consult a doctor before use

Always keep out of the reach of children

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Features: 100% Waterproof,With Strap Base,With Scrotum,With Suction Cup, Ergonomic Design,Flexible

Special: Non-toxic,Ecological,Hypoallergenic,Hormone-free,Phthalate-free (Chemical)

Fetish: Cuckold,Anal Lover,Double Penetration Sex,Virtual Sex,Pegging,Threesomes,Oral Sex

Gender: For Couples,Unisex.

Time of Use: Undetermined

Erogenous Zone: anus, mouth, buttocks, clitoris, g-spot, breasts and vagina

Brand: Monster Cock Dildos

Design: Ergonomic

Aroma: none

Flavor: none

Shelf life: undetermined

The BiGGer by Monster Cock Dildos Collection was developed for you who like that delicious feeling of dilation, of friction, of total fulfillment, of having nowhere to run. You want to be horny and seek more intense orgasms. Allow yourself!


    Lubricant - For greater comfort

    Anal Gel - For those who enjoy the practice

    Orgasm Booster - Liquid Vibro

    Condom - Always have safe sex


    Soft Touch Polyvinyl Realistic Penis

    More flexible, softer and safer material

    With realistic textures


    Thick Dildo

    Huge Dildo Penis

    Anatomical Dildo

    Sex Shop


    Soft Touch Polyvinyl

    PVC Soft Touch

    Completely non-toxic


    100% Waterproof

This product is very large and thick, well above normal standards. Please check the size and thickness carefully before purchasing.


Intended for people over 18

Images for illustrative purposes only

Approximate measurements

There may be variations in size

Store the product separately from others

Always use the original packaging

Always keep out of the reach of children